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Tailored health plans wrapped in beautiful packaging

Brand & Packaging Design

Evoke is a biotech company that creates personalized vitamin routines backed by your DNA insight & lifestyle. Evoke makes it easy for individuals to meet their health goals with affordable monthly plans. It all starts with a simple saliva test.

Evoke DNA Kit

Testing 123…

The saliva-based DNA test kit acts as the first physical point of contact for subscribers.  Utilizing a design aesthetic that is clean, approachable and high-quality is vital when it comes to collecting people’s private information. People tend to use products and services that they trust. The accompanying instructions booklet was designed to be easy to follow with large text, images and no hidden fine print.

Evoke Instructions Booklet

Packaging you can trust

Placing sustainability at the forefront means that all packaging including the morning & night vitamin packs are made from certified eco-friendly paper and vegetable-based ink. The vitamin dispenser was designed to be re-usable and recyclable when no longer needed. The whole is accompanied by a vitamin lookbook with close-ups of every vitamin product Evoke has to offer.

Part of your routine

Evoke is a brand that people see and use everyday. It’s one of the first things you use in the morning and one of the last things you see at night. The subscription is backed by a powerful custom-built online platform that people can log into to tweak their subscriptions based on their needs. New pill packs are sent out monthly to refill the dispensers, cutting down on paper waste.

Evoke Packaging