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Resources on digital marketing, design and dev.

WordPress Websites

Custom WordPress Design and Development

We help businesses create amazing online experiences that turn visitors into customers!
WordPress Websites Services
  • WordPress Theme Design
  • WordPress Theme Development
  • WordPress Integrations
  • WordPress SEO

At Fuel Media, we live and breathe WordPress!

We have helped hundreds of business reach wider online audiences through the power of a custom-branded website, backed by the world’s most used and loved content management system.

Our Process


We learn all about your business/organization, your brand and goals.


Custom-branded web design for your unique visual identity.


Your design becomes a fully-editable custom WordPress theme.


Your new website will be tested and then launched to the world!

Drive Sales

Our inbound marketing experts drive traffic and conversions for you.

Our WordPress Services

WordPress Theme Design

Stand out from the competition, increase brand loyalty and generate leads with a custom-designed WordPress theme.

WordPress Theme Development

Our WordPress websites are coded for front-end performance and ease-of-use on the backend for maintaining your content.

WordPress Integrations

With thousands of integration options available, your WordPress site can become the hub of your operation.

WordPress SEO

More traffic means more conversions! We can help you drive traffic and find a loyal online audience ready to connect with you.

Build with us

Build the website of your dreams with beautiful design on a powerful platform.

Shopify e-Commerce Websites

Custom Shopify Design and Development

We help businesses increase their sales with custom Shopify themes designed to convert.
Shopify e-Commerce Websites Services
  • Shopify Theme Design
  • Shopify Theme Development
  • Shopify Integrations
  • Shopify SEO

At Fuel Media, we are proud Shopify Partners.

We believe in the power of Shopify to bring businesses to the next level, by offering user-friendly and scalable solutions that are accessible to businesses of all sizes. Partner with us to bring your Shopify store to life!

Our Process


It’s all about you, your product, and your brand.


Custom designs for your unique brand identity.


Development brings the design to life.


Launch your new site to the world.

Drive Sales

Test, tweak, rinse, and repeat to increase sales.

Our Shopify Services

Shopify Theme Design

Stand out from the competition and increase brand loyalty with a custom-designed Shopify theme. Your brand, your store, your way!

Shopify Theme Development

We develop editable and customizable custom Shopify themes that are easy to use and optimized for all device sizes.

Shopify Integrations

Integrate your Shopify store with the tools you use and love. From Quickbooks to SalesForce to Amazon Fulfillment and more.

Shopify SEO

More traffic means more sales! We can help you drive traffic and find a loyal online audience ready to buy.

Build with us

Build the e-commerce website of your dreams with beautiful design on a powerful platform.

Content Marketing

Just like fine wine, content marketing only gets better with age.

We haven’t seen another form of marketing that consistently pays dividends like Content Marketing.
Content Marketing Services
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Content Pillars
  • Content Optimization
  • Content Keyword Analysis
  • Localized Content
  • Content Reporting

Developing a consistent content strategy and putting up informative content several times a week drives amazing results.

We have seen companies scale from 50 visitors a day to upwards of 3500 a day, just with content marketing alone. 

The most amazing thing about this strategy,
is how it grows exponentially. 

Content on Auto-Pilot

Sit back and reap the benefits. Visitors coming to your website now are being driven by content you produced months ago. As you develop and write more content, more visitors will be drawn in. It builds on itself and pays you dividends in the form of passive website growth.

It’s our favourite style of marketing.

Ad rates go up and down, and if you pause them, the traffic immediately pauses. Content stays on your website and will continue to rank well if written well.

Workforce Augmentation

Your technology partner pinch hitter. Put our programmers in coach.

We help other agencies with specialized technology requirements and execution.
Workforce Augmentation Services
  • Sprint Planning
  • Agile Process Building
  • Technical Specifications
  • Software Development
  • DevOps
  • Training and Mentoring
  • Code Audits and PR Reviews

A specialized programming team for your specialized project.

Many of our clients are actually other agencies. We frequently work with other firms to augment their technology force on specialized projects that require a few extra hands.

Our team has a mix of backend and front-end developers skilled for a wide range of projects. Some of our areas of specialization include API Development, Laravel, VueJS + Nuxt, React + React Native and more.

Check out our Technical Capabilities for more information.

React + React Native
Ember JS
API Development
Laravel Development & Auditing
Passing the Yellow Baton

Seamless hand-off and documentation.

When the time comes to pass a project back into your hands, we will provide the necessary training and documentation to make the transfer seamless. We will ensure that your team knows how to manage and maintain the work for your client success.

Expand Your Capabilities

Let’s work together on specialized projects. We can’t wait to hear what you’re working on!

Technical Capabilities

Time to geek out. We love to code and technologies that we develop with.

We use this technology to build great digital products.
Technical Capabilities Services
  • API Development
  • Laravel Development
  • Laravel Code Auditing
  • VueJS + Nuxt
  • React + React Native
  • iOS + Mac
  • Python + Django
  • Ember JS

API Development

We specialize in API-first Development.

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a great way to build an application for now, while setting it up to flexibility scale moving forward. With an API First approach, you can plan your application at the outset to integrate into other applications, with an outward look towards future development.

Laravel Development

We are a dedicated Laravel shop!

We 💛 Laravel. It allows our developers to build new features quickly by focusing on the business logic.

Laravel Code Auditing

A team with deep Laravel knowledge.

Fuel Media’s developers have been using Laravel since it’s inception. From the early days of 1.x and beyond, knowing what changed between versions is just one of the benefits of having deep Laravel knowledge. This knowledge allows our team to successfully audit code, making sure your application is taking advantage of the full Laravel framework, and is optimized for speed.

VueJS + Nuxt

The NUXT front-ier!

Vue is our first choice when developing components for the front-end. The philosophy of Vue’s simplicity first matches with our own. We build some of the largest Vue applications on the Internet. Nuxt allows us to bring a common set of conventions to our larger applications. Nuxt saves our developers time by preloading a set of components and router settings, allowing them to start building the application.

React + React Native

The powerful alternative.

We still keep a place in our hearts for React driven apps. We love using this powerful framework to bring wonderful apps to life, especially when it’s our client’s preferred choice. When it comes to creating multi-platform apps, React Native is our way to go. It allows us to create native rendered applications on Android and iOS, using the power of React: single codebase, fast development, amazing results.

iOS + Mac

We are Apple to the core.

We believe in building native iOS applications build with core Apple technologies like Swift and Objective-C. By using native technologies, our package distributions are smaller and can be updated quicker. Native applications tend to be a lot quicker by being more efficient with the system resources. We are also able to take advantage of more native APIs as soon as they are released, allowing for a competitive advantage for you and your customers.

Python + Django

Pair beautifully together.

Python is a beautiful language which is available on almost every server world-wide by default. This makes Python the perfect server side scripting language for developing automation and machine learning tasks. Python is made even more extensible by building with the Django framework. Django is to Python what Laravel is to PHP. For teams that are Python first, building your application in Django is the ideal choice.

Ember JS

We will ignite your ember.

Ember started the Single-Page-Application craze. It’s the perfect platform for building large frontend applications with teams. Ember brings convention over configuration, famously popularized by Rails, to the Javascript world.

Build with us

Looking for a partner for your next dev project?
Build the app of your dreams with beautiful interfaces and powerful software.

Business Software

Transform your business with efficiency and automation software designed to work for you.

We help businesses do more with less through digital transformation.
Business Software Services
  • Staff Portals
  • Custom Solutions
  • Internal Operations
  • Business Automation
  • Paperless
  • Audit Trails

Operate more efficiently and effectively with software systems.

We are experts at helping businesses transform legacy workflows into modernized digital solutions. This process includes deeply understanding how your company operates and formulating a technology roadmap to transform analog operations into digital ones. Custom business software can be used to manage internal operations, external customers/vendors, or any combination of user levels that makes sense for you. We will work with you to create those user levels and functionality that delivers real value to all stakeholders.

“There is no alternative to digital transformation. Visionary companies will carve out new strategic options for themselves — those that don’t adapt, will fail.”


Turn your own data into knowledge.

Business Software has the capability to turn data into knowledge—so you can see the big picture.

As all of your operational information becomes readily available in a digital format, we can use that information to deliver the insights you need to make better, more informed business decisions. We can create a wide range of dashboard reporting tools, and exportable data to ensure you get the most output from every piece of information that is input.

Gain the transparency and auditability that your business needs.

Gain the insight, accountability and compliance you need with digital audit trails.

Digital audit trails contain all the relevant details associated with a transaction, from the time, date and user information associated with the transaction to the more detailed financial data and reporting information an auditor may need.

We will work with you to create compliant-ready reporting so this information is always at your fingertips.

Accelerate your business

Push your business forward with custom business insights!

SEO + Analytics

Website traffic is great. Knowing exactly how you got it and how to get more of it is even better.

We help businesses fine tune their organic website traffic through strategic SEO.
SEO + Analytics Services
  • Analytics Reporting
  • Action-based Goal Tracking
  • Heatmaps & User Recordings
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Domain Authority & Backlinks
  • Localized SEO

SEO vs. Analytics

Understanding the difference

Getting users to your site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses on increasing both quantity and quality of organic traffic to your website.

What users are doing on your site.

Analytics track and analyze how many and what users do once they have reached your website. It provides valuable metrics like conversion rate and overall reach.

The answer to SEO is almost always MORE content.

Mo Content. Mo Traffic.

In the organic search traffic game, content is king. The more, the better. When content is strategically produced to align with keyword goals, your likelihood of ranking exponentially increases. This means developing a lot of pages for your website that include valuable information (to both users and search engines) and posting consistently over time. This is your long game. An organic ranking strategy takes time, but is well worth the ROI in the end.

$1 of organic traffic
is worth $100 of paid traffic.

Domain Authority: The Secret Number to Ranking Higher in Google

We talk about this one so much, we have a whole detailed blog on the secret number to ranking higher in Google The short of it is that domain authority (or domain ranking) is like the credit score of your domain. And akin to credit scores, higher means better. When competing for the same keyword, domains with a high domain authority will always rank higher than those with a lower domain authority. Due to this, domain authority and working on increasing your score is a key part of any SEO strategy at Fuel Media.

So what do I do while I wait for my SEO and Domain Authority to take off?

SEO takes time and domain authority to gain steam. You should start with a good marketing strategy that will tailer your digital marketing to position you ahead of the pack.

Tracking and Analytics

Google Analytics Reporting

Learn more about who is using your site and when. With Google’s built in analytics platform, we are able to create a customizable report that shows the data that’s important to you! Google’s in-depth information about your site at your fingertips!

  • Full Usage Report
  • Customizable Data
  • Location Tracking
  • Keyword Searches
  • Visual/Graphical
  • Representations of Key Data

Action-based Goal Tracking

Take your analytics to the next level. With Action Based Goal tracking you are not only able to see standard usage data, you can create your own trackable goals and see when users take actions on them. Track button clicks, form submissions and more!

  • Track which CTA’s are most effective
  • Custom Parameters for Goal Tracking
  • File Download Tracking
  • Page Load Tracking

Heatmaps & User Recordings

Watch users use your site. Really. With heat maps, user recordings and behaviour analytic tools you will gain the valuable insight of seeing what actual people are doing on your website! This goes beyond analytics, it’s like reading the user’s mind!

  • Heatmaps
  • Visitor Recordings
  • Conversion Funnels
  • Form Analysis
  • In-depth Device Usage Data

Grow with us

Fine tune your organic website traffic through strategic search engine optimization.

Digital Marketing Strategy

You’ve made a great product. You have the best service. Now go out and tell the world!

Easier said than done, we know. That’s where we come in.
Digital Marketing Strategy Services
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Web Design
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing

We understand that
there is no one-size-fits-all marketing plan for business.

This is one of the reasons why we believe so much in testing.

You can’t always know what your customers are thinking.

Most people greatly underestimate the need for marketing and how much traffic they need to drive to their business. You need to be able to adapt to new opportunities and explore markets with different needs and wants then you’re used to. If you need to get 10 sales a day, then you need to show it to 1000 people a day.


Let’s say that you own a mid-range clothing line, and you do most of your sales offline in your store.

Let’s do a little math to show an example, you have a:


Online to In-store
Conversion Rate

If they have to come into your store, around 0.9% of web traffic will visit in person.


Conversion Rate

Online conversion rates for shopping for clothes come in at about 2.4%.

So your goal should be:

  • Getting 111 people to visit your website to get a foot in the door
  • You would need 10 sales per day to break-even
  • Gather 1100+ web visitors a day

That’s ok though, because online you’re able to reach new markets and customers you never thought possible.

Knight on Yellow Background

Finding the Chink in the Armour

If you take a look at most business’s marketing, you’re going to find it’s the exact same as all of their competitors. All real estate agents buy fancy lawn signs and bus benches. Car dealerships buy billboards and radio spots. Manufacturers advertise with trade show booths and magazine ads.

Doesn’t this seem strange? Why would you do the exact same thing as your competitors? You’re competing for the same people with the same materials. 

You’re playing a zero-sum game
before you even get started!

The better strategy would be to go after the “chink” in your industry’s armour. They exist in every industry. Take a look at how those same industries could reinvent how they get customers.

Real Estate Agents

If you’re a real estate agent in Barrie or Sudbury, you probably think prices are pretty cheap compared to Toronto. Go tell Toronto investors the great value they’re missing. Create a direct response campaign about how you could “buy two duplex’s for the price of a single-family home in Toronto”. You could expand your client base overnight. 

Car Dealership

Run a direct response campaign on Facebook for people with cars that are 7 years or older. Offer free safety assessments and invite them to your showroom. Get them in the door and connected to your brand. If they don’t buy a car from you that day, the purchase won’t be that far off.


Each week we talk to manufacturers that are getting beat by China, India, Brazil, and others. Many of these manufacturers can compete on price and crush everyone on quality. But nobody knows, because they only reach a small number of people whom they believe to be their target market. Expand your reach! Make sure people are thinking about your business before they ever go searching on Alibaba.

Expand your reach!

Make sure people are thinking about your business before they ever go searching on Alibaba.


Sell your products and services to customers from anywhere, to anywhere, anytime.

We help businesses build profitable e-commerce websites and management tools.
e-Commerce Services
  • Shopify Development
  • WooCommerce Development
  • Order Management Software
  • Subscription Modelling
  • Product Configurators
  • Custom e-commerce

In 2020, e-commerce catapolted from a nice-to-have to a need-to-have for almost every business.

Once used primarily for simple product + shipping transactions, e-commerce has become an essential business tool for every type of transaction. This shifted consumer expectations. Consumers, who are now sitting comfortably on their sofa, expect they can buy products, services, digital materials, digital events, subscriptions, custom manufacturing, or even pay for a piece of capital equipment by purchase order online.

If you are not providing this, you are missing a piece of the action.

“The sooner we drop the ‘e’ out of ‘e-commerce’ and just call it commerce, the better.”


An e-commerce store is much than just an ‘Add to Cart’ button.

Don’t get us wrong, we need a cart button somewhere. However, the bigger question is often what happens after checkout.

At Fuel Media, we have been around the e-commerce block quite a few times and we know what questions to ask. We work with our clients on look and feel of their e-commerce website, but also how it will function from a business standpoint.

Whether you are selling clothing, fishing supplies or hot tub covers, we can accelerate your store. We help our clients grow with conversion-driven design, fulfillment strategy, business tool integrations, order management software, and more.

Scene from Field of Dreams (1989)

“Build it and they will come” does not work for e-commerce.

Unless you have a massive list of customers you can direct market to and are ready to purchase, the “build it and they will come” strategy doesn’t work.

Building an online audience takes time and resources because what you are really building is consumer trust.

We work with our clients to build effective e-commerce marketing strategies that include a mix of reputation building, content strategy for organic search, and paid advertising to drive traffic. The mix you need will depend on factors like your company’s Domain Authority, existing online reputation, customer base, keyword difficulty in your sector, and more. We will help you navigate these waters and build a plan with precise ROI tracking.

For more information, see:

Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing

SEO + Analytics

Managing orders effectively is as important as getting the order in the first place.

Woohoo, the orders are rolling in! But, success can be a double-edged sword. We have seen many businesses struggle with this growing pain. At first, managing and fulfilling the orders is fairly easy (there are not too many open at once—and at this stage, you probably even remember the name of each customer).

However, before you know it, there are more than you can keep track of in your mind. You may begin to loose track of where shipments are, are dealing with single orders that may have multiple tracking numbers, and are completely loosing grip on profitability. This is where order management software comes in.

We build custom order management tools (with optional syncing with Shopify or WooCommerce) so you can build a workflow that actually makes sense for your business. This allows you to get ahead of problems and surface orders that need your attention, keeping your customers informed and happy.

Get a FREE e-Commerce quote!

You’ve got the goods and we’ve got the team to make your e-commerce dreams a reality. Let’s get started!

Corporate Websites

Build a goal-focussed corporate website designed to attract customers and investors.

We help businesses design, develop, and maintain performance websites.
Corporate Websites Services
  • Information Architecture
  • Custom Website Design
  • WordPress and CMS
  • Data Migration
  • Business Integrations
  • Accessibility Compliance

Computers have changed. Websites have too.

Modern websites are more than a digital brochure about your company.

They are an integrated hub for your outward marketing, data management, recruitment efforts, and are tied directly into your internal processes. As the hub of your digital marketing, your website acts as an employee who facilitate first contact (and first impressions), are the face of your company online, differentiate you from competitors, qualify your leads and provide legitimacy to your business.

Develop a website with specific goals so you quantify a successful user visit.

All of our corporate website projects start with understanding your business goals, then determining how the website can achieve those goals in a trackable way. Simply putting content online without strategy makes it virtually impossible to know if the website is moving you any closer to the goal line.

Your website is ready to take on new responsibilities

With corporate websites, we most often see goals like generating more leads, recruitment, and investor positioning. We will work with you to understand your top level goals, and look for additional opportunities where your website could be streamlining other business processes.

For example:

  • Does HR need any easy way to post open positions on the site without needing access to the entire backend?
  • Would your sales department benefit from website leads connecting directly with Salesforce?
  • Does your internal team need an intranet where they could search company directories?

Websites That Grow

We plan your website from the start with growth in mind.

Custom Design

We hand-craft you a custom-designed website that matches your unique style and brand. Templates are NEVER used, so your image stays unique.

Easy to Use

We want you to work on your website daily. Simple to use interfaces and blocks make creating content a breeze and will let you spend more time on growing your business.

Growth Mindset

We develop each page to convert website visitors into customers. Long term and short term goals are built into your website to always maintain a growth approach.

Fully Hosted

All our websites can include fully managed enterprise hosting. This includes SSL/TLS encryption, Content Delivery Networks (CDN) and daily backups.

Build with Us

Connect with us to find out how your website can become a critical part of your team and sales funnel.