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Technical Capabilities

Time to geek out. We love to code and technologies that we develop with.

We use this technology to build great digital products.
Technical Capabilities Services
  • API Development
  • Laravel Development
  • Laravel Code Auditing
  • VueJS + Nuxt
  • React + React Native
  • iOS + Mac
  • Python + Django
  • Ember JS

API Development

We specialize in API-first Development.

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a great way to build an application for now, while setting it up to flexibility scale moving forward. With an API First approach, you can plan your application at the outset to integrate into other applications, with an outward look towards future development.

Laravel Development

We are a dedicated Laravel shop!

We 💛 Laravel. It allows our developers to build new features quickly by focusing on the business logic.

Laravel Code Auditing

A team with deep Laravel knowledge.

Fuel Media’s developers have been using Laravel since it’s inception. From the early days of 1.x and beyond, knowing what changed between versions is just one of the benefits of having deep Laravel knowledge. This knowledge allows our team to successfully audit code, making sure your application is taking advantage of the full Laravel framework, and is optimized for speed.

VueJS + Nuxt

The NUXT front-ier!

Vue is our first choice when developing components for the front-end. The philosophy of Vue’s simplicity first matches with our own. We build some of the largest Vue applications on the Internet. Nuxt allows us to bring a common set of conventions to our larger applications. Nuxt saves our developers time by preloading a set of components and router settings, allowing them to start building the application.

React + React Native

The powerful alternative.

We still keep a place in our hearts for React driven apps. We love using this powerful framework to bring wonderful apps to life, especially when it’s our client’s preferred choice. When it comes to creating multi-platform apps, React Native is our way to go. It allows us to create native rendered applications on Android and iOS, using the power of React: single codebase, fast development, amazing results.

iOS + Mac

We are Apple to the core.

We believe in building native iOS applications build with core Apple technologies like Swift and Objective-C. By using native technologies, our package distributions are smaller and can be updated quicker. Native applications tend to be a lot quicker by being more efficient with the system resources. We are also able to take advantage of more native APIs as soon as they are released, allowing for a competitive advantage for you and your customers.

Python + Django

Pair beautifully together.

Python is a beautiful language which is available on almost every server world-wide by default. This makes Python the perfect server side scripting language for developing automation and machine learning tasks. Python is made even more extensible by building with the Django framework. Django is to Python what Laravel is to PHP. For teams that are Python first, building your application in Django is the ideal choice.

Ember JS

We will ignite your ember.

Ember started the Single-Page-Application craze. It’s the perfect platform for building large frontend applications with teams. Ember brings convention over configuration, famously popularized by Rails, to the Javascript world.

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