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Laravel and Vue task management application

Making work sweet again

WorkSweet is a sweet and simple task management application that follows the GTD (Getting Things Done) philosophy.  The application is packed with features under the hood, while maintaining a simplified UI on the surface so users can simply focus on getting things done.

Laravel and Vue task management application

A scalable design system

WorkSweet was built with a highly scalable, but super simplified design system.  This means we needed to have as few design elements as possible, do as many things as possible.  To accomplish this, design audits were performed throughout the development cycle to ensure new features did not add bloat to the design. 

UI Design System

Seamless Team Switching

A core feature of the WorkSweet build was the ability to seamlessly switch teams inside of the app, without loosing a unified view of what is on your plate. The problem with most team switchers, is just that – they completely switch context. And although this is good sometimes, a user can easily loose track of everything they need to accomplish. WorkSweet solves this. User’s can easily view a single workspace (for when they need the context of all tasks related to a specific team or company), but they can also view All Workspaces to gain a bird’s eye view on everything they need to finish regardless of what team it is on.

Task management with team switching